Trading in Reflexive Markets

Together with our customers we recognize the need for low volatility investment solutions that provide sustainable and reliable returns. With our new reflexive market model, we have introduced a systematic approach to go much more beyond today’s methods in the analysis of observable market data.

Combining a reflexive modeling approach with superior technological innovation, we invite you to take part part in our journey in taking the current economics of financial markets to a new level, where you can benefit from the true market insights of today. We unravel the story behind the data and with that are able to see the markets as they really are, what drives them, and what makes them work.

Reflexivity takes the human nature that is at work seriously. It allows us to answer the current challenges in the market, an approach beyond simplifying assumptions. Reflexivity requires one of the most sophisticated technologies in the market to be turned into actionable insights. It allows us to achieve superior results for our customers.

Our systematic approach is proven by our research and enabled by our technology.

With a combination of new reflexive modeling and technological innovation, we have unraveled a new understanding of markets.

The balance of technology and innovation with investment management enables us to provide superior results for our customers.

We believe in the success of our investment solutions, investing our net liquidity along with our customers.

Invest with Us

We believe in the need of transformation in the investment industry as an answer to the challenges financial markets face today. With low leverage, low frequency strategies based on our technology, our customers are empowered to excel in an age of volatile, low return markets.

Long-lasting, trustful partnerships are the foundation to success. Become a partner with us, and together we will embark on a journey to achieve your individual investment objectives, by increasing every aspect of your investment in respect to low volatility and high uncorrelated alpha.

About: Founders

TwoStone was founded 2015 after six years of research by a team of experienced bankers and technologists, who share in the common vision of transforming financial markets with superior technology, making the most of today's capabilites, going far beyond the exploration of big data, with advanced machine learning, and mathematical modeling.

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