Global markets are in transition. There is an ever increasing massive amount of data and information to study, and there are vast opportunities to take action on. With a strong focus on the Why, How and What, we are interested in understanding the story behind the observable data, and in doing so, delivering superior results for our customers.

Combining low leverage and low frequency strategies in our solutions, we help our customers achieve their long-term objectives, managing their risks carefully.

We apply a systematic, scientific approach to investment management. Consider massive big-data exploration, advanced machine learning, and financial market expertise as a means to enable a new reflexive market model.

With our behavioral – reflexive market model foundation that explains the transition in the markets, we develop an intelligent trading model space. Enabled by our technology this helps us to constantly refine our approach and our insights into the markets.

A Unique Reflexive Market Model

The cornerstone of our investment approach is our unique reflexive market model, which allows us to translate the psychology and self-updating behavior of heterogeneous actors into a large variety within our model space, which is continuously fed and informed by observable data. With this, we are able to describe the human-driven nature of markets in a very effective way.

This is real-time analysis. Think of it as a mirror to the market. Looking into this mirror we know with very high probability what is going to happen.

Technology & Approach

Technology drives our business. We use advanced machine learning and other technologies to capture relations in today's market data, and we interpret this data with our theoretical grid, the reflexive market model.

In our understanding of the market we take the reflexive nature of financial markets seriously by explicitly modeling investors' expectations. These are continuously updated as new information becomes available. Derived micro-trends and the corresponding probability of trend existence enable the logic in our strategies. We see the story beyond the data.

Investment Management

Many financial industries are really in need of low volatility and high alpha strategies. Our technology and approach answers this need and applies it to a very broad range of markets, being both a "shock-absorber" and performance driver in volatile times.

In having low leverage and low frequency investment strategies, you will benefit in having more time to interact with your clients.

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