Inside - TwoStone´s Team Values

Why TwoStone ?

TwoStone is a story of vision, determination, and persistence. From the very beginning we asked ourselves:

Why should it not be possible to predict financial markets in such a way that volatility becomes manageable? And what hinders current financial models from producing sustainable alpha?

In 2009, years of study and engineering experience from top ranking institutions around the world were brought together as a team, to come up with the most effective and powerful solutions to address the challenges at hand.

It wasn't about pulling the most data, or having the smartest model, or even having the greatest team.

It was much more.

We had to change the perspective in how we view social systems and how we capture their interaction and emergence.

Our team is a group of meticulous, unrelenting, and aggressive individuals, pushing the boundaries to new levels of excellence with uncompromising attention to quality.

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